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Burial Insurance is More Attainable

Burial Insurance is More Simple

Burial Insurance is More Affordable

If your goal is to leave a sizeable inheritance through a life insurance policy, you'll find the plan to be expensive with many exclusions. Many life insurance carriers don't offer policies less than $100,000. National Farm Life policies welcome smokers and nonsmokers, even residents up to 85.

For the average American, life insurance is expensive and coverage is beyond what is needed. For those qualified, choose the coverage you need from National Farm Life from $5,000 to $50,000 and stay within your budget. Policies can be as low as $50 a month, depending on several factors.

Life insurance isn’t so simple; there are many types from temporary, permanent, universal, variable and more. With burial insurance from National Farm Life, get a policy that serves one purpose after death, providing your family with the financial means to pay for final expenses.

No Loss of Coverage Due to Death

No Medical Exam Required

No Change in Premiums Once Approved

Traditional life policies have premiums that increase year after year due to age. Burial insurance at National Farm Life is first available to individuals 50 - 85 years old. It's made for those who need it, when they need it. Once purchased, the cost of the policy stays the same throughout the life of the holder.

Many life insurance carriers require invasive medical exams and doctor visits year after year. National Farm Life policies are suitable for individuals with certain pre-existing conditions. All that is needed is to answer 7 qualification questions and to complete a prescription check. 

Death isn't predictibile. National Farm Life policies provide coverage throughout your entire lifetime, paying a guaranteed death benefit. Once you purchase coverage for yourself or a loved one, there isn't a penalty for an early or late death.

Prepare for the Future with Permanent Burial Insurance

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What is Burial Insurance?

There are a lot of freedoms we can be thankful for in Texas, but unfortunately, death isn’t free. The cost of a funeral and burial in Texas is higher than the national average, close to $10,000 for a traditional ceremony.

Losing a loved one is already a burdensome process. Purchase burial or final expense insurance for yourself or a family member and cover the cost of a funeral, burial and other final expenses. Burial insurance is affordable, coverage easily allows for the cost of a funeral and there are fewer requirements than a traditional life insurance policy.

Why Purchase Through an Insurance Agency?

Burial insurance can be purchased directly from insurance companies, funeral homes and authorized insurance agents. Burial insurance isn’t funeral home exclusive, purchasing through a home locks in your choice and can even drive up funeral costs.

Purchasing a final expense policy from Hettler Insurance Agency earns a free consultation, advice and customer support on policies throughout the life of the holder. National Farm Life policies have to be purchased through authorized agents and can't be purchased from the carrier. Get the flexibility in a policy you deserve! Work with an agency and insurance company based in Texas, with policies tailored to Texans.

Burial Insurance vs. Life Insurance

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Hettler Insurance Agency sells final expense policies through National Farm Life. National Farm Life is a locally owned Texas carrier offering permanent whole life insurance for final expenses, also known as burial insurance.

National Farm Life has consistently provided Texans with insurance for sixty-six years. In 2015, National Farm Life launched a competitive burial insurance program. Complete the application, and find out if you're qualified for one of the more generous burial insurance plans, only available to residents of Texas.

Coverage can be purchased by those 50 - 85 years old living in Texas. Choose a policy that pays from $5,000 up to $50,000 upon death.
Policies from National Farm Life are permanant whole life insurance, premiums are guaranteed, fixed and level each year.
Answer seven simple questions and allow us to run a prescription check to find out if you or your loved one qualifies for coverage.

Burial Insurance from National Farm Life